July 28, 2012

Ask Deepak – What Is Belief And How Does It Shape Reality.

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  1. NoName123

    I`ve become more and more interested in our system of beliefs and of course questioning my own beliefs and taking time to reflect on how these impact my actions and responsibilities in our world. However, I do have a few questions. One is regarding the comment you (and many many others) have made about how our beliefs become our own truths and realities. Does this not defeat the purpose of truth and reality? If I have held a belief for such a long time that is not necessarily true, doesn`t that mean it is not the truth? I`ll try to pick a good example, maybe I believe that the earth is flat. Now I personally can neither prove nor disprove that "truth", yet there are many people who have circumnavigated the planet and have in fact proven that the world is not flat. No matter how strongly and deeply convinced I am that the world is flat, it is still not true, no? If everybody`s truth is reality, then we would have no desire to search for answers to our questions because we can just make up and start believing in our own falsehoods. We would have no desire to explore and discover new things. The word Reality itself is defined as a state or quality of being real. If I am to live my life based on beliefs that are not real, then I am not perceiving reality. You say we perceive reality according to our beliefs but our beliefs are not based on reality, then how are we perceiving Reality?

  2. vinayrajanna

    Hi deepak, Its an amazing message to the world, we as a society has to decide now whether we question our beliefs or not. Definetly if we have a courage to face the reality then we should question all our beliefs and then we can see a different world all together.People can see a heaven when they are alive not after death, this is my guarantee.

  3. danceswithcrayons

    Through painting can move beyond self-imposed limits; of words, thoughts - into communing with my soul; a joy). Music, reading, nature, some paintings do too. Even smiles or sharing a cup of coffee with a friend. Maybe every person has a unique way? Still growing, loving, (learning/unlearning) and in wonder. Thankyou Deepak

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