September 22, 2012

Ask Deepak – What Does It Mean To Say Know Yourself.

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  1. Juana

    Cómo puedo saber si realmente me conozco ?

  2. Araliya De Silva

    Dear Deepak I would like to ask you whether you have heard of the spiral dynamics theory and its seven levels. I was told that I could never be at a higher level if I have not mastered a lower level . E.g. Levels 1-8 and 8 being Enlightened, and 1 being humans leaning survival techniques. etc, Why I ask this question is because I feel I have not mastered the level 4 but feel comfortable with the level 6 characteristics - Is quantum leaps not possible in this spiral dynamics theory using intention ?

  3. Tereson

    I have a question I can`t seem to get answered. When Deepak Chopra refers to "healing of the gods" what does he mean by that? As a Christian and someone who believes in the 1st commandment this puzzles me.

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