May 14, 2012

Ask Deepak – What Are The Secrets Of Creativity.

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  1. John Sanders

    A. Relinquish the known. Step into the unknown and out of conditioning. B. Learn from past mistakes, Use memories, do not allow memories to use me. C. You have to see the univeral in the particular and the particular in the universal. D. Use the left brain and the right brin simultaneously. E. Refine your senses, refine your understanding of the subtle body F. Grace, poice equanimity, mindfulness, coordination, awareness and breath. Nine steps: 1. Intended Vision 2. Information Gathering 3. Information analysis 4. Incubation 5. Quantum leap of insight 6. Inspiration, 7. Integration, 8. Implementation, 9. Incarnation Involves a death and a resurrection, something has to die and a leap of consciousness or birth results.

  2. Mara Vilchez

    Oh my goodness, my brother's GF always listens to you. I never got to because I've been busy with my own stuff, but I have heard some of your wisdom. It opens the mind. Now, spontaneously, I'm watching your video by accident. The universe is saying something.

  3. Terry Beaton

    But can you prove it? In any way at all? Seriously!

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