September 15, 2012

Ask Deepak – What Are Qualia.

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  1. Timo Toivonen

    I think this video explains qualia rather accurately. Philosophy is truly fascinating,

  2. notformebeaky

    This cunt is a cunt!

  3. Louis Dwyer

    Typically I am opposed to Deepak Chopra and his line of thinking (if you can call it that), but something about 'Qualia' and the 'hard problems of consciousness' has be frazzled. The impossibility of nailing down the subjective quality of consciousness to the material brain and the need for consciousness in order to fully comprehend the universe around you is interesting. David Chalmers argument about the blind scientist who knows everything about the wavelength of colours of light and the neurological reactions that occur when each colour is seen still does not know what each colour looks like.

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