September 18, 2012

Ask Deepak – Is Threatening Iran With A Pre-emptive Strike Responsible.

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  1. Bulu Imam

    The situation is extremely tense as the summer of 2013 draws nearer and the timeline for Iran`s uranium enrichment capability of 20% reaches its target, so the Israeli leadership will I believe begin to act before this, without letting the US , as its Premier recently announced, America is therefore both forced to attack Iran in violation of international law with a pre-emptive strike or see Iran using a pre-emptive strike of its own on US bases in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean as well as on Israel itself. Its a tense and really moving moment but Britain has acted wisely in refusing to side with the US in offering its bases in Cyprus for an attack on Iran. As I said, I feel there is a real danger boiling up here now and the outcome is very difficult to predict. Either way if someone pulls the trigger it will be a trigger on a Third World War in the mature nuclear age and very likely -- in the context of climate change -- be the beginning of the end of the world. From: Bulu Imam, Gandhi Peace Laureate 2011, UK

  2. Developpement personnel

    non violence is the best way to solve a problems

  3. kiabadie

    Your amazing. Very well put.

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