May 30, 2012

Ask Deepak – Is There An Ultimate Reality?.

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  1. screen name

    so what happens when you are able to be separate from the two extremes and also moderation of the two extremes? being a observer of the overall ....

  2. xione

    Brain?? What brain.. How can there be any brain?, any more than can be a body a world, a sky, a person, a soul. They are all part of the same description with which we charm the world into existence each moment through the act of perceiving. It may be possible to have a direct experience of reality if the description of reality is suspended for a moment. Potentially, that could lead to visions or images on the walls of our consciousness but more likely would result in a knowing that can only be expressed by way of abstract concepts. We are most likely unknowable things, capable of projecting filaments of infinite awareness through a point of perception onto the walls of our own consciousness.

  3. daretodream25

    Experiences appear in the undivided & indivisible awareness, each separate in memory, identical in essence. This essence is the root, the foundation, the timeless and spaceless `possibility` of all experience. -- Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That

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