December 29, 2013

Ask Deepak – Is There A Holistic Treatment For Addicition.

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  1. Sky

    Dear Deepak, My husband has been diagnosed with sex addiction and a narcissistic personality disorder. Our relationship has been toxic on a number of levels for quite some time. With so much stress at home and at work, I have developed an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto) and have recently had a burnout. I felt that there was a major issue in our relationship but could not put my finger on it and joined my husband in blaming me for all the problems. After having stumbled upon his double life and learned about his systematic betrayal, lies and extreme risk-taking in extramarital sex, I realized that he had an addiction and asked him to go to therapy. He is now seeing a psychologist and says that he has stopped acting out. Of course, as all trust is broken, I have a hard time taking solace in his efforts to reform. We have a three-year old boy who is very attached to both his parents. I cannot imagine breaking his heart. Also,I seem to have codependency issues and am generally slow to leave situations that are painful and toxic. What can I do to heal? How do I know what I should do? Is there any hope for rebuilding our family? What are the chances that our little one will "inherit" an addictive personality? Many thanks for your answers.

  2. Sujatha

    I think now i am judging you....

  3. Sujatha

    Hi Deepak What you say and do is very inspiring. However i was extremely saddened by the whole wikipedia allegations and ur discomfort with richard dawkins. My question to you is did you follow the seven spiritual secrets during these instances? Why did you judge dawkins and why did you lose your cool?

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