August 3, 2012

Ask Deepak – Is There A Connection Between Chaos And Cosmos.

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  1. 110

    All of your thoughts are possible when you are at peace. It is when you are in pain or confusion, despair, etc. that it is hard to hold your mind open to posibilities. One tends to get lost during moments of distress. If you have great faith, peace can still reach you in your momments of dispair. Faith and belief csn open many doors that are closed.

  2. Seerthrubaloney

    Each day we are Born Anew: to see the world with eyes of wonder, to love without expectations, and to talk in flowery language about meaningless nonsense.

  3. Soni Shalini

    “Ambrosia is produced only after a pot of poison emerges from the ocean.” Yes! We must have chaos within our soul to give birth to a dancing star. In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder there is an order. We live in the rainbow of chaos and have been conditioned since birth as mere brick in the wall of our culture and community, moving in an orderly behavior thus acculturated to the harmony that deemed good for the society but a death knell of individuality and eventually to creativity. When we catch a sight of the traffic on the Indian roads, and find it a messy rat’s nest, where we are going nowhere, but we uncover that there is an underlying order in this disorder and life goes on. But here we simply become the cattle in the herd and not able to light the torch to our own stories and possibilities and kick the bucket, living a so called smack dab life in this process. Whoever has travelled against the tide has not just breathed but built life and all our discoveries, inventions and artistic endeavors are sheer result of this topsyturviness. But we don’t know that life is creative in its soul and spirit as our constantly creating universe. Each second is the leading edge in the known and untouched moments of the universe, a moment that will never be over and again and good things remain hidden underneath all the emotional Chaos, torments and tantrums but there is an intrinsic purpose and meaning to all experiences. We know that the creative mind is not trampled by the apparent anarchy of random chaos. But chaos is the course to conversion, a rough sea extending towards a milky way. And when the system begins to make a left or right, veer out of balance it is pulled by a strange magnet. And this magnet is none other than our own intent, and the tremendous energy generated from this becomes a blast furnace melting and dissolving all existing disorders and chaos to womb into a new creation. When we dismantle our mind of thought process, the energy is not destroyed but rushes towards our creative endeavor, creating something new and novel. Chaos is the external wild forest without any boarder or boundaries and only be triumphed through deep and passionate intent. When we breathe our intent with our every breath, living it fiercely and ferociously in complete craziness, creativity pumps up from within; this enduring and eternal spring of creativity is constant and spontaneous like a free flowing river fresh, and pure. Thus creativity is a subjective struggle to give form, structure, expression and construction to inner and outer chaos; by following this call of creativity we find our essence of life. When we dive in our inner universe, going deep into this whirlpool, we allow ourselves to be sucked into the source of the universe. There is no time, mind, physicality no self, yet there is a soundless sound. By immersing ourselves to this creative calling of our soul which is the fountain of love which creates life in its every moment. Such a journey will lead us to ourselves, transforming ourselves from dust to pure gold. “With my eternal creative impulse, I rise on the wings of spirit like the seagulls, who are the messengers of the masters, to glide to the heart and mind of the Gods.”

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