September 20, 2012

Ask Deepak – Is It Moral To Use A Tragedy For Political Wrangling.

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  1. Poonam Dronamraju

    Any of the incidents of today, Colorado, the Sikh temple, Libya, kind of remind me of your saying in Debbie Ford`s movie "The Shadow Effect", that all these incidents are a response to our collective dark shadow or something along those lines. I so do wish all your followers have an awareness of this dark shadow that we are self-generating as a collective and know the only true response is to come from a space of Love and Compassion in their inner essence only way to bring true PEACE.

  2. PzKpfwProductions

    Deepak, you`re freaking retarded.

  3. FreshSinceLove

    HEY DEEPAK...WAKE THE F#CK UP DUDE!!!!!!!! trying to tell us that someone`s for peace when they use drones to kill women and bruHHH!!! somehow i think your awake your just trying to put the rest of us asleep with your facade consciousness psyop Jedi mind FUNK...smh

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