September 10, 2012

Ask Deepak – If The Universe Is Perfect, Why Are We Not.

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  1. Mystic107

    ***EACH SUNDAY AT DEEPAK CHOPRA`S PLACE*** From now on, I will be posting the below-linked "copyrighted" documented realization of mine on all of ‘Deek’s’ FaceBook pages available to me every Sunday afternoon (my time) after Church for all to see; for all and him to benefit from... and in constant Realization-Remembrance of The Lord. =… "About Mystical Union with God" By Spencer Perdriau originally posted to Deepak Chopra on his FaceBook Friends Page © Copyright Spencer Perdriau 18th August 2012 unauthorised reproduction (in any format) prohibited = But always remember, Deepak & People, Jesus "always" respected his loving eternal relationship with The God-Head. That is why he always expressed his unity "with" and "in" The Father. As much as this seems a paradox to be, it is not (just as the wave is always one with the Ocean). Even for me, as a young devout-devoted mystic totally-fully in Love with God, I will NEVER-EVER call myself God, even as thee three times I have experienced The Mystical! Anyone who goes around saying they are God, is going land in REAL-BIG trouble, not only earthy, but also spiritually so! Why? Because it is completely profane-inverted and disrespectful to The God-Head which keeps "you" going in Eternal Relationship with Him. Yes, it IS a beautiful thing to receive the divine grace of mystical non-dual union with God, but when we hit the Crown, God does not keep us "in" Him (His Crown) forever after as a constant, as much as these silly floozy modern spiritualists and "new-agers" presume, and go round saying they are so-called "enlightened" as a 24/7. No! Once we touch God, He very quickly brings us back in to our local state of boundaries again, to carry on in Life and in relation to all others. To get on with it, for the greater wellbeing and good of all! God, very quickly (so we don`t get too carried away in IT) brings us back to our "relative" unique self to carry on in Life, but now realized of Him with us all - very much more-so in "heart" ("being") rather than in our "conscious" mind. And in this more beautiful divine relationship with The Lord, I do not ascribe to the teachings of Advita, for "the way" to go, ultimately. Why? Because even though I have tasted the non-dual state of being, I will always choose, over and above that, to be in eternal-loving-devotional relationship with God. And for us as His Children, THAT is how it is meant to be for us, very equally, very reverently, and honouringly So towards The Lord! "We are all in `It` together." ~ SP. Peace & Love, mystic brothers ...xoxox = ^ From Spenny = ^ ***************** Spencer Perdriau Human Rights Advocate for Human & Spiritual Ethics Spencer Perdriau is a continuing Human Rights Advocate for Human & Spiritual Ethics. His work has been endorsed by the late Brother Wayne Teasdale before his passing in 2004. Brother Wayne was closely associated with Bede Griffiths, Ken Wilber & His Holiness The Dalai Lama. See all of Spencer`s advocacy films at: ********************************************************************** "The greatest realization I have come to appreciate in Life (as well as God) is that you do not need to "know" everything to become "free" and Liberated in Him." ~ Spencer Perdriau



  3. Soni Shalini

    “‘Trifles go to make perfection and perfection is no trifle.” Perfection is the pathless path and cannot be approached by any path. It is a never, never land, a seventh heaven simply beyond human reach. No human story unfolds like a mathematical calculation on the principle that two plus two is equal to four but life plays puzzles and poker to create imperfection. As soon as we are born our eyes are eclipsed by doctrines, gospels, assumptions and abstractions bringing into short sighted awareness and conditioned habits of value judging making us “Perfectly Imperfect” and we bountiful beings get disfigured by the burdensome and weighty ego. We experience our thought and feeling as something separate from the rest and live in desire and despair, thus creating optical delusion of consciousness. This infallible fallibility has driven mankind to the status of madness towards perfection and we understand perfection in terms of ideologies, goals, values, should and shouldn’t and thus strive to effectuate this intrinsic quality of the perfectionist ideal .We need to understand that the desirable state is the correct perceptual reality. We live in riddles and questions, forecast and destiny, far away from the true picture of reality. Reality earns wings when we become close to nature. It has been aptly said- “In nature nothing is perfect still everything is perfect.” Nature has no urge for perfection because there is no end point to perfection it is an ongoing phenomenon. Thus nature enjoys the tranquility and torrent of river, blossoming and dying of flowers, the spring and the autumn. There is no state of conflict in nature, and so in its imperfection is its perfection, because there is no touchstone of perfection, no acumen. If we see nature through the eyes of nature we will find it perfectly perfect, but this is possible only when we see through our soul or “Atman”. Most of the time our ego gets the better of us and we try to find imperfections within nature, we pursue old testimonies of perfections laid by our ancestors and predecessors and finally we encounter imperfection. We need to know “We are perfect in God’s eyes in spite of our short comings. It‘s true- “I am not perfect for your journey, you are not perfect for my journey but we are perfect for our journey.” This is the wisdom we need to follow. We are all driven by a universal force towards the same destination while taking different journey being perfectly perfect. We need to know, no perfection is wholeness, and we should be real and authentic and never strive to be perfect. No matter Jesus and Buddha are born once but we need to know that saints who live in the lap of nature and dance to the tune of nature do not suffer from human imperfections like jealousy, desire, anger and agony. I believe there is a subtle magnetism in nature which if we unconsciously yield to it will direct us right. The goal of the life is to make our heartbeat match with the beat of the universe and to match the nature with the nature. We need not see the world separate from us and this vision becomes clear only when we look into our heart. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living and the whole nature in its beauty because wisdom is nature and nature is wisdom. “Great things are done when men and mountains meet. Nature’s peace will flow into us as sunshine flows into us. The mind will blow their own freshness into us and storms their energy.”

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