October 31, 2012

Ask Deepak – Hurricane Sandy and Other Natural Disasters.

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  1. Amy ELLIOTT

    At this point in my, life after having gone through quite a dark night, I've come into more of my connection and intuitive intelligence and I have found that we are directly connected to nature and its forces. There really is no separation. Whether we are conscious of this or not it's happening and more importantly therein lies the difference. Mind you, I didn't read this somewhere I have experienced it myself. It's a long story but the short version is that our house used to flood and I was unavailable to stop it in any way except for with my thoughts. I have since then been able to directly, on a microcosmic scale, influence my experience of weather. One day, this idea will be accepted fact. For those of you still discovering yourselves and our Nature, I bid you all the best.

  2. Roy G Biv

    Unconscious nations and people invite blows from Nature to wake them up. In this connection, I was intrigued by the U.S routinely being attacked by Hurricanes that inflict enormous economic damage. The U.S is still unconscious about why their economy is in trouble. Though unrestrained speculation has ruined their economy, neither the people, nor the banks nor the government is aware of it or taking it seriously. So long as this unconsciousness persists blows form Nature in the form of Hurricane will continue."

  3. Marie

    Ps...I don`t prefess to know everything by any means, and I`m not so sure I completely understand - but I`m open to all possibilities!

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