June 27, 2012

Ask Deepak – How to Create Spiritual Solutions?.

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  1. TheTeneto

    Should I pay attention to" the logic"- this analytics way we do persived the surroundings or to my intuition..

  2. Sarah

    Hi Thanks for the helping hand. It gets so complicated trying to see again what is one`s own truth but in relation to the wider picture. So many voices drag us this way and that, our egos clash, our hearts clash, our perceptions of reality clash, we are all experiencing things in the same way at different states of awareness and perception and dimensionality. Its enough to make you believe it when people tell you you`re a nut! I think I`ve realised now: look, listen, experience, taste, smell, touch, but most of all, BE! All the knowledge and opinions in the world can make us more knowledgeable and broaden our perspective, relationships teach us about ourselves and others in all ways, but the truth is that very source within us, it is the purity of our heart, that very state of being, just being and not interacting or relating to anything else that is going on around one. The source. I don`t know the whole truth of my situation in terms of the greater picture. But I know my heart now... Its not our hearts that lie, its the delusions we allow ourselves to generate in relation to the way we are processing what is happening around us. I see now, if we are not living a balanced lifestyle, then that reflects in everything that we have created around and within our perception of reality. Everything needs to be in balance, inside and outside and around in all dimensions. That`s the state of the world, the vibrational state of the energies, and that`s the important `truth` now. Getting back the balance of the planet and its inhabitants for the benefit of the universal balance. We are all part of that. Just one thing, Deepak? I can`t work it out - who are the main players in this game?

  3. sufi777

    this was recorded in a hotel room, right? Wearing pajamas!! :-P ... Spiritually cool!

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