March 12, 2013

Ask Deepak – How Do We Create a Science of Consciousness.

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  1. Mohamed Taha

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  2. John Browne

    Love Deepak. For me any new science of consciousness must include Dream Theory. My experiences as a lucid dreamer show me that I want to be able to do the same while awake. Dream Theory says our waking lives here are the same as our "waking" lives in our dreams. That means in the same way the you in your dream believes everything in the dream is real, we here believe everything in our physical life is real. If I came to you in your dream and told you, you were dreaming you would not believe me. Then if I told the you in your dream You were the Dreamer of the you and every thing in your dream you would think me mad. The same is true here. If I tell the you here you are dreaming and you and every thing here are part of the Dreamer dreaming this reality you would think me mad. But lucid dreaming and Dream Theory has shown me this is true. When I am able to be lucid while here, like I can when dreaming I will finally be awake. You understand. I hope Deepak has a conference of lucid dreamers to explore how we can actually be lucid in our waking lives here. That will help explain how consciousness works.

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