July 23, 2012

Ask Deepak – Do We Live In A Dream?.

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  1. Dargonaut

    Just wanted to say thank you for speaking the truth, despite the masses of humanity of which only a few are ready to accept their true nature. We truly are the creators of our universe. One big test we face and most are unaware. Not untill each person becomes aware and looks each other in the eye with oneness and love, will we work together toward the best possible destiny. THANK YOU .. and why the dorky glasses with those "jewels"???

  2. Tatiana Matias Guimarães

    Very good you 2!

  3. kermode707

    Dear Deepak,Do you Feel that this Dream state Can Be Witnessed from the Minds Eye,and Empowered through Deep Emotions through the Heart ?.This I Feel Is the Dance We Can All Learn,The song We Can All Sing ,That Brings Us Closer To Being That Interaction of Co- Creating our GOD State of Consciousness,With the UniVerse .SDH.Namaste.

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