September 20, 2012

Ask Deepak – Can We Know God.

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  1. Elizabeth Schadrack

    Good morning Deepak, I have your Creating Affluence book as well as your tape on the same subject and in the CD you refer to getting your prayers answered through what sounds like, TM sivie program. Can you share that with me because I have been listening to you for months now and I need to know more about getting my prayers answered. I have had many prayers answered but want to know all there is to this system. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your input. Elizabeth Schadrack

  2. Naturesmelody

    God is that most intimate experience you can have with yourself and all of creation:) There is a moment where the seeker puts all questions aside, all seeking all speaking, all philosophies ... Closes his eyes and settles into the silence the vast inner expanse that words can neither explain nor deny and there alone all he has sought finds him. God, the seeker , the seeker, God and then just the experience of both/ all and something quite beyond.

  3. Såmmý Råí Wìllíåms

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