July 18, 2012

Ask Deepak – Can We Influence Our Own Evolution.

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  1. H P Roychoudhury

    I think consciousness and evolution is an instinct of necessity. I like to refer a political issue with respect to that. The British came with the proposal to Indian leaders to hand over the administration of India to Indian leaders so to say the independence to India but with the condition of the division of India as demanded by Jinnah. The consciousness of Petal worked immediately with the urge of instinct to become the Ruler of India. To fulfil the instinct he immediately conveyed the matter to Nehru. Their conscious worked together for a new evolution. Immediately call the congress meeting and agreed with Jinnah without carrying out referendum to know the opinion of the majority Muslims of India whether they all wanted the division of India. Thus division of India is an evolution that was originated because of instinct of consciousness of Petal & Nehru.

  2. Norseman424

    Deepak, I wonder if you could take a video to elaborate on the cephalo-anal conundrums resulting from prolonged co-opting of quantum theory for wide-scale promulgations of a cerebral subset of bovine effluence. I have asked several prominent physicists this very same question, but to a man/woman they`ve all simply told me to look you up. Given your obvious and extensive work within a cephalo-anal framework, I believe they`ve steered me right. I eagerly await your response!

  3. jivacare

    I imagine that we evolve into self healers. The Awareness of pain along with performing the activities that create a state of bliss where our human experience is in balance and when there is no sensation of pain and discomfort, will organically move humans to remove pain. We will remember how it feels to feel bliss and want to be there in time, in physical time.

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