August 10, 2012

Ask Deepak – Can Science Give Us A Clue To Ultimate Reality.

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  1. Generalram1968

    Bigotry and discrimination are the highest forms of delusion. Our matter and energy we are all made up comes from the same source. We just have them scrambled up in different patterns and while everyone has strengths and weaknesses, no person is superior to another and the only race is the human race we have delusionaly created artificial races based on physical properties but our minds all work the same and we all share human DNA. So yes people are all created equal.

  2. norbit peters

    "We just have them scrambled up in different patterns..." I agree with the majority of what you wrote, except, in the above you seem to imply that the "scrambling" is arbitrary. Rather, I think it can be shown to be an extrapolation of the same (verbal/conscious) cognitive process we`re able to empirically identify through language, only sub-conscious/non-verbal. In fact, I`m setting up a site right now to relate that very concept to everyday matters & personalities we see in the news.

  3. norbit peters

    The understanding you seek is the nature of energy itself. I`m addressing the symbiotic effect that energy has in animating our physical being, and the learned nature and process through which that occurs. The reason that`s germane is that if we`re all animated by the same undefined energy -- learning any differences we may have amongst each other - it would immediately confer scientific validation, as well as moral imperative, to the age-old moral precept of all people being created equal!

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