September 9, 2012

Ask Deepak – Are The Laws Of Nature Fixed.

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  1. Annette vanOldenbarneveld

    It was during a moment of my life when the veil of my own habitual behavior dropped and before me I saw into this very question. The addiction was affecting my artistic and creative will and as such I stood at the bring of what I can only describe as `non-existence`. It was here that I saw clearly the energy bodies inside of matter, as though every bit of it was translucent. I am writing about this vision in a book that I am working on. Through this insight I deduced that matter is impacted by our thoughts, that thoughts are the fabric in between space and that it was compilation of chemicals that ignited the thought `what is existence?` from there, all is evolving. Perhaps the path of our evolution, our human evolution and our cosmic evolution has a range of outcome yet to be determined. Much like the habitual nature of an addiction takes away the very will to be creative or express consciousness, perhaps we as a species, and as a cosmos impact our the patterns of our surroundings. Leaving us to either evolve our conscious selves, communities, species and cosmos to truly experience the hight of our capability, or loose our conscious spirit to the habitual nature of escaping existence, leading us all back to where we came from.

  2. Francine Arbic

    Thank you so much

  3. Helen Nikolakopoulos

    Big Bang Theory!

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