January 9, 2012

Arianna Huffington joins Deepak in Conversation.

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  1. Pablo Paula

    deepak 4life

  2. Dances With Crayons

    Dear Deepak, Listening with interest, thankyou Deepak and all. `Love never forces`, a comment that you shared earlier today, seems to tie in beautifully with the broadcast. Although love of power is not working... values such as Mutual respect, sharing, caring and love of each other seems to be growing. I`m a mom and a friend (not a politician). But feel strongly about putting heart into everything. It`s something we didn`t encourage years ago, yet I think that`s the key. And patience as you also commented on. I feel hopeful; is like planting a flower garden or tree, where the next year brings blossoms or the next generation enjoys the shade. Love and Best Wishes

  3. Janice Luft

    You were on the show Deepak. I`ll bet it looked different on the set. Watch this on the internet and it`s easy to see there are way too many unnecessary visual distractions for the mind which take ones focus off of what is being said. I had to slide the video out of my visual view and just listen to your voice. I`m not interested in the mental distraction. This is why I prefer to hold a newspaper in my hand and read it. I like movies and watching programs... as long as they`re not trying to sneak in some `programming jamming` short term memory.

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