April 21, 2012
Picture of day

With Farah Nasser of CP24 and Omar Sachedina of CTV News Toronto.

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  1. Happie Bambie

    I love How Deepak spoke about MJ, he has such respect for that sweet sweet soul we ost in our life. Not too many people had been nice to MJ and all he tried to do is survive in this messed up world we live in. People are so judgemental and there words hurt and as sensitive as MJ was, he just was too good for this world of ours. I miss him as a person and also as an artist. I havent seen one yet to match up to his talent. We had a living Angel and as far as I can see this is why he has left us so soon. Deepak spoke reality about him but also never put him down. Thank you Deepak for that, I have idolized you ever since. You are a good man, God bless you which ever God you believe in, in the end he will be the same for all and thats who we all go to.

  2. Calahan Manley

    What was going on with this gathering?

  3. Happie Bambie

    nice picture

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