October 13, 2011

Orlando Bloom and Deepak Chopra.

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  1. CrystalCalm

    Hi , I`m crystal Your words are beautiful :). I have time falling asleep at night. . Now I put my head phones on an drop into the a true real world. Make you feel what your going through. Sooooo wonderful.

  2. KJ

    I feel sad and have trouble sleeping being far away from my fiance who lives and works overseas. I live in America but my life partner is in Kuwait. 1AM for me is 9AM for him so I stay up just to talk to him for 15 minutes before he goes to work. Then after I get off the phone Ai feel so alone and I cry and feel this emptiness with nobody to hold or hug me. Mr. Chopra can you please tell me which Endorphinate® product will work best for me? Happy Holidays

  3. Carenna Willmont

    He might be my future husband!

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