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  1. Mackerby

    Quantum Consciousness: Yes I believe you are right. I have studied this for 55 years and have been convinced for most of that time. I base it on my own experiences and memory. I do not focus on past lives but rather, the moments(?) between them. I believe the self (from it`s most advanced state)voluntarily sets into motion a set of sequences that result in the repeated process of `maturing` it`s own soul. I`d love to discuss this with someone who is on the same page as me. Have you ever wondered about U.F.O`s? Or why they haven`t shown aggression? Perhaps it`s because they are more aware of who we are than we are....

  2. Miranda

    Oh the babies ! nice to say hello !

  3. Sandeep Dhawan

    Look nice with cute kids

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