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  1. Marcia Schubach Pastor Candido

    good morning from Campo Grande MS...

  2. Walmir Mansur Silva

    Welcome to Brazil, Deepak!

  3. Ketan Joshi

    you can not smile on all situation before murder for $O()O dad expire early, its not individual matter Erase organized white collar crime evil monopoly before they politically murder good,royal people for there evil greed,dad expire early before good,royal people are purposely underpaid,unemploy,torcher,hurt,accident,muder due to jealous,property,girls,caste or evil greed create more income,resources,security and ways for them create law inside the govt,verify resume,bank ac,people things from top to bottom open the closed file people of good,royal people murderd to get whole idea, its not individual matter its affects whole world erase corrption,terrisom,to save the world associate more with good,royal people create more matrix,terminator,transformer good things to erase evil,ugly predator after lot try with best certificate,experience its less than 150$ / 200$ per month income for many yet still try for world,govt,good,people to create more income,resources,security to good,royal quality people,stop all cigarete unhygenic things

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