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  1. Patricia Luque

    que maravilloso evento!!!!!!aun no puedo olvidar todo lo vivido alli.espere mucho este momento...me siento muy feliz por haber podido participar.realmente espectacular....

  2. Alexander Vallejos

    I want to personally thank you Mr.Chopra for your amazing seminar in Buenos Aires Argentina. Having recently moved here and looking for some balance I found your speech not only inspirational but also soothing to my soul. Having used the experience of your words to guide me to the moment has been one of the most important discoveries of my young life. My deepest gratitude and love for all your hard work, focus, determination, and inspiration that you have imparted to the world. OM TAT SAT.

  3. Cm Julian

    AAAhhhhh me quiero morir !!! la segunda vez que nos desencontramos!!! Please come back and bring Dr. Dyer with you I love both so much!!! But you need to advertice better for us who don´t live in Buenos Aires!!!!

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