March 26, 2012
Picture of day

A wonderful conversation with Dr. Vandana Shiva at DHB.

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  1. Hugo Gástrico

    Nice classy picture. It remonds me of Fred and Ginger about to start a mind blowing peformance of "The Quantum Bullshit Dance"

  2. Kng pwde mki pag tweet kay mark bautista

  3. Pamela

    I`ve had a deep and profound sort of existential experience or awakening event occur in my life/self/experirnce, and I now have an understanding of people "on the other side," animals, energy within objects,"others" outthere, and so on. It happened spontaneously after a period of trauma about a year and a half ago. To qualify myself I should say that I am currently in therapy(as I have been for most of my life because I enjoy the process of self discovery)to cope with the trauma and to try to understand the awakening I have had. I have seen psychiatrists to rule out mental illness, and while I was diagnosed with PTSD and major depression, I do not have any illnessness where side affects would include auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations etc; I simply have extra senses and awarenesses I did not previously have. It has left me with the profound truth that I am truly not alone and that none of us is, and that I AM connected to all everywhere at all times, in all time.While this is a great comfort, I feel very lonely in my experience for other humans with whom I can share this and who can perhaps help me to better understand more about what is happening to me and what to do with it. I pray for guidance and I know they all-it all hears me and is with me. I was inspired to post here after praying today. Thank you for the space and time in which to share.

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