Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014
20th Anniversary TUCSON

Organized and Hosted by the Center for Consciousness Studies University of Arizona. Co-chaired by Stuart Hameroff and David Chalmers

P L E N A R Y 4
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
2:00 pm to 4:10 pm
Subjectivity and Objectivity
Rebecca Goldstein, John Searle, Deepak Chopra 

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  1. Vidyardhi Nanduri

    UNITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS (OM), IN SCIENCE, RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY AN INTRODUCTION BY Dr. VIDYARDHI NANDURI FOREWORD NECESSITY-DEMAND is a dual mode dependant function and this needs to be directed with curiosity. In order to sustain the Curiosity, an index for progress has to be identified as a directed beam triangular structure. This structure, basically, is the backbone for Intellectual Growth. Many western countries have shown considerable physical progress as an Index through integration of Human Resources endowed with basic intelligence. Now, identification of a similar Triangular structure at or beyond Dual Mode function of the MIND is the Necessity today. This demands to define several functions of the Mind region governed by NATURE at the Lower end and to the CONSCIOUS functions linking the SOUL as REFLECTOR at the top end. Can one identify the Progress as an Index in the NEUTRAL Mode functions to reduce the THREE-TIER conflicts prevailing today. This requires an in-depth search through Science of Philosophy Philosophy of Science Integration of Science, Philosophy and Religion NATURAL PHILOSOPHY should help through identification of a Scientific mode of search, like a search-beam of light, through SOURCE, FIELDS, FLOWS and REFLECTOR concepts as an INDEX. THE SCIENCE OF COSMOLOGY AND VEDAS is a continuous search for unity in diversity linking cosmology and Vedic sciences for knowledge expansion. This brief Introductory outline helps the readers and participants in the workshops or seminars to think about the necessity of intellectual function through several reflecting routes for the development of CONSCIOUSNESS. Several workshops have been conducted at Hyderabad, India since 2nd Nov 1997 with interaction through Vedic Scholars, Scientists and PEETHA-ADHIPATIS (Heads of Ashram) and updated in brief. This outlines 1. Introduction - Interlinks to Science, Philosophy and Religion 2. Question or query section 3. Introduction to Cosmic function of the Universe Further, the readers are requested to read complete set of books on the subject, most of these under copy rights obtained in USA PURNAM OM TAT SAT: The truth is the establishment of Cosmic Pot as Energy for Consciousness as an essential link in Subtle flow-fields and realization beyond three-tier conflicts in minds endowed with EGO. LET there be peace for Intellectuals living together. THE BEAUTY OF INDIAN PHILOSOPHY: There is no other enunciation except Indian Philosophy in-depth with comprehension that answers many queries about the science of the Universe: Cosmic Universe to Galaxy, Macro-Cosmic to Micro-Cosmic Divine Phenomena as process, Atomic structure to Cosmic Structure, links through `OM` for Core flows, Fields, Reflectors and Sources leading to Cosmic Source as Unity in diverse fields of Intellectual pursuit of knowledge directing towards Cosmic Conscious state of realization i.e. God, Divine function and Human Being in-depth as part of Cosmic Process (Reproduced from Om Vedic Vision of the Universe-part I, 1996) Hyderabad-India D/ 18th Dec 2001 Dr Vidyardhi Nanduri {reproduced from:UNITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN SCIENCE, RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY (Revised Feb. 2002) (Reg No: TX 5-574-909) (No# Pages 100, Figures 17). It includes questions on the cosmos.-Author Vidyardhi Nanduri

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