Toronto, Canada – A Global Meditation for Peace.

Studies have shown that setting an intention brings you tangibly closer to your goal. What would happen if we brought together a critical mass to set the shared intention for peace—within ourselves, and around the world? We need your help to find out.

Be at the epicenter of this historic event as we attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest group meditation in history. The meditation is part of Seduction of the Spirit retreat, a seven-day journey where Deepak, Gabrielle Bernstein, and master educators will guide you through reflective workshops, beautiful yoga practices, and guided meditations dedicated to increasing global consciousness and connection, and helping you build your personal practice and find inner peace.

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  1. jen

    Wonderful presentation that Deepka Chopra had on Global Presentation. Our worldwide participation is essential -such a need in our society. I enjoyed it immensely -perfect amount of time for all who partook in this fabulous event! Thank you Deepka Chopra for your guidance! Peace Harmony Laughter and Love

  2. Katharina

    #iampeace:many thanks for beeing in peace, together. with best wishes from germany berlin

  3. Johanna

    Peace for all people in the world and believe in the power off GOD

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