Sunshine Coast, Australia – Journey to Enlightenment.

Understand the reality where ancient insights and science meet, to enrich our lives.

Science goes where reality leads it, but what happens when reality itself comes under question? Since the quantum revolution over a century ago, the solid, tangible nature of reality has been undermined. Scientists were faced with three linked mysteries that are only now being seen as inseparably linked:

• What is the nature of the universe?
• What is the nature of consciousness?
• What is the origin of both the universe and consciousness?

The era has ended when consciousness and the universe could be treated as separate and unrelated. Once accepted as independent, material reality depends on observation –
the “measurement problem” in quantum mechanics. Accordingly, mind/consciousness/ awareness can no longer be considered epiphenomenal, a complex product of brain processes having no bearing on reality. We are forced to rethink such basic questions
as which came first, mind or matter? 

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