Scottsdale, AZ – Celebrate Your LIfe.

Join Deepak and many other to visionaries and spiritual teachers for the Celebrate Your Life gathering in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona taking place on Valentine’s Weekend! Deepak will present a keynote lecture focusing on The Future of Wellbeing. Deepak will create a roadmap for “higher health”, based on the latest findings in both mainstream and alternative medicine.

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  1. Sagunasat

    Hello, My name is Josh. My mother lives in Mesa Az and I would love to send her to next weekends workshop in Scottsdale. If there are any people donating tickets for the weekend or any part of the weekend, could you please direct me their way. We are struggling to come up with the funds to send her due to certain life circumstances. Thank You, with Love & Light..

  2. sophia 刘乙菲

    尊敬的负责人,您好!我是刘乙菲,来自中国上海善因文化传播公司(,善因文化主要从事的是教育文化培训,目前在中国各大城市有50000人左右的忠实学习客户,我们公司希望做成一个全方位的教育平台,所以,计划在2014年把我们的学员带到DeepakCho的课程体系参加学习,我们渴望能够与DeepakCho的经纪人或者课程主办方取得进一步的联系和更深层的合作,请看到此信给予我电话回复,非常感谢! 我的移动电话号是:15618967153 办公室电话是:021-31397092 同时请安排一位精通中文的伙伴来电,非常感谢!

  3. missdixie

    I have tried to open up the link to register for this event on 3 different computers. I`m upset that I will probably get the worst seats at this event due to the delay. How can I get a better link?

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