Renaissance Unity.

Unleashing the power of your mind to maximize health, happiness and spiritual well-being" is included in this ticket price. Attendees can pick up their book the night of the event only when presenting the ticket on the next page for admittance.

Tickets are $35 and including a copy of Super Brain.

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  1. Lucidyth

    Welcome back to Michigan Deepak. Have a safe trip. My friends and I are looking forward to listening to your lecture with open minds. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with humanity. Namaste

  2. lucienne

    I`d like to have more information about this event. It is called Lecture and Book signing. Is Deepak coming? How long will the event take? I`m really interested. Thank you so much! Lucienne.


    We are looking forward to this evening with Deepak Chopra. New Dawn Leadership

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