NH International Convention 2012.

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  1. Mary Potter

    Hello Dear, I haven`t read your book yet, but I sure look forward to read it. I want to meet you, but I have to wait till after Easter before I know where my path will go. I sense you out there. :) Can you please great Joel & Nancy if you see them? I met them in Norway a few years ago. Now I will watch the video... :) (Mari Ann Ree)


    Thank you for everything. Although much of your amazing content I have already had for the last decade after going on my own journey, there is just as much that I had never heard phrased that way. Not only does it make sense mentally but more importantly feels right on a deeper level. We are very lucky to have your passion and insight. You have moved me to action and I will write and teach and speak and mentor as well. Additionally, in the last month I have stopped watching all TV, stopped smoking (trying to quit for so long), and have decided to start my own non-for profit charity AND even more provide a forum to educate and discuss with Christian communities about "What Jesus Would Really Do"...or at least what he wouldn`t (from your book the 3rd Jesus) and remind all the leverage of a united congregation who speaks out.

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