Milan, Italy – The Future of Wellbeing.

Deepak Chopra's popularity as an international presenter and keynote speaker is exemplified in an impressive list of honorariums, as the 2010 GOI Peace Award, 2010, Starlite Humanitarian Award, 2010 Art for Life Honoree, 2009 Oceana Partners Award, 2002 Einstein Humanitarian Award through Albert Einstein College of Medicine in collaboration with the American Journal of Psychotherapy.

During his lecture The Future of Wellbeing, Deepak will address the following questions, as well as practical ways to experience higher consciousness, transformation and healing:

Are we in the midst of a major paradigm shift in science?
Is there an ultimate reality?
Does consciousness conceive, govern, construct and become the physical universe?
Is the universe becoming self aware in the human nervous system?
Is the next stage of human development conscious evolution?
Do we have the ability to influence the future evolution of the cosmos?
How does our understanding of consciousness as pure potentiality enhance our capacity for intuition, creativity, conscious choice making, healing, and the awakening of dormant potentials such as non local communication and non local sensory experience?
How does our understanding of consciousness also enhance our capacity for total well being (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, community, financial and ecological)?

Deepak is the Founder of The Chopra Foundation, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, Columbia University.
He is a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post On Faith and contributes regularly to,, and Huffington Post.

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