Kingdom of Bahrain – The Soul of Leadership.

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  1. A Rahman A Adam

    Dear Dr. D. Chopra, It was great to attend your great seminar in the Kingdom of Bahrain, thanks to the Bahrain Institute of Hospitality and Retail for bringing the SOUL OF LEADERSHIP to the island and for giving hundreds of people unforgettable hours of inspiration. It helped many to re-think in-depth about who they are? and what do they want? Thank you very much on behalf of all humanity.

  2. Meghan

    Hello Deepak chopra ji, it was really nice meeting you today in Crown Plaza!! If you remember i gave my Business card to you also i wrote my message on business card that i am following you on net from past 5 years. I Really like your all lectures which i listened on you tube, Specially seven spiritual laws of success, God and Buddha, Quantum physics any thing is possible, power of coincidence, Happiness Priscription, Jesus, Buddha, your google hangout, Also i listen to your best friend Wayne Dyer.You have changed my life positively and I am following your teachings and i have learnt to find oneness with everything else.I hope i will see you again soon. I listen to you again and again everday and you have become important part of my life!! I took my photo along with you for memory of present moment awareness!! I hope to see your reply soon enjoy your days in Bahrain, I want to be part of ANH GLOBAL.COM as i told you today!! I really feel happy to see that part of my consciousness which is known as Deepak Chopra is doing such a wonderful work!! I Respect you and it was very special day for me in this seaselessly floating Quantum soup :) Meghan Gaikwad

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