Fourth Worldwide Meeting on Human Values.

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  1. Dalia

    Hello I wonder if this is an open even, and if so what do i need to do to register. I would love to participate in Mr. Choopra lecture if there are any in the next two weeks in LA or the nearest area - Thanks, Dalia 310-895-5227

  2. Jeannette

    I am the director of Cuántica Activa Audiolibros, that produced and sales 13 Audiobooks of Deepak Chopra in Spanish and want to contact the right person to see the posibility that our Audiobooks can be offer on sale to the participants of the Monterrey´s Chopra´s lecture. Thank you in advance for your fast attention to my request. Very best,

  3. nassim zablah

    Querido chopra te agradesco profundamente todo lo que desinteresadamente compartes eres un guia espiritual para mi. donde puedo comprar las entradas para asistir al evento

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