Dublin, Ireland – Pendulum Summit.

January 9, 2015
Dublin, Ireland

The Pendulum Summit is a daylong forum for discussion that was born from the premise that everyone from the successful business person to the aspiring academic strives for something more, and in essence tries to piece together those magic ingredients which will allow them to maximise their potential in all aspects of their lives, whilst maintaining a positively balanced life.


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  1. would like to seedeeoak in europe

    hello! i wouldlike to find a dr or therapist who has the same aproach as deepak - is that posdible?. is it possible to meet him on an event in europe. i come from austria from the tyrol. there are meditation teachers in a reachabke distance, but what about a medical specialist with his aproach. can t find any. best regards, doris dengg, tel 00436643507950

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