Deepak & Robert F. Kennedy Jr., environmental activist , Vice Chair & Chief Prosecuting Attorney of Riverkeeper.

Moment of Truth For the Battle over Indian Point: A new paradigm of power and possibility

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  1. visionaire

    The discussion on December 12 was electrifying and illuminating. Will we have access to the video of the event? Thankfully,

  2. esse

    I had the privilege of attending this amazing event. It was exquisitely illuminating about what our mission must be; how we must focus our energies on this critical and timely mission. Please advise when we will have the good fortune of seeing the video of this special evening.vPuv

  3. Melanie

    I think what you two are doing is wonderful! Both independently and together. With 2 powerful men like U two- anything is possible. World peace and a beautiful, healthy world- let`s go get it! I love and respect you both with all my heart. I just dont` know how I will get there- Much Love, Melanie

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