Ciudad de México – Dangerous ideas 2013.

"kalos er or kindynos" (risk is beautiful)…


Dangerous ideas are the ones that change paradigms, the ones that defy the status quo, the ones that transform dissidents in great minds unable to comply with their reality. That is why this year, those intellectuals, activists and artists who think differently and look forward to innovate regardless the risk, are the ones who will be the centre of attention and take over the stage. Creativity, adventure, imagination and inventive is what the City of Ideas seeks to stimulate in you. Venture yourself in the intellectual adrenaline and discover why dangerous ideas, opposite to ideas that just move and agitate, are the ones that revolutionize the world.

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  1. Daniela Vilchez

    Hello i want to buy the ticket for the conference. Could you give me more information, place, cost. Thanks

  2. Prof Malowey

    hey Chopra! your information showed here is not right, your Event Day is 09 November 2013 at La Ciudad de las Ideas 2013, in Puebla, Mexico, their program saids that your event is at 10:30 am. besos chopra

  3. Alison

    A small note For those asking for more information, If you click on the RSVP button you will be taken to the relevant website for the event. However, once there you will only find that the tickets are sold out.

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