Chat Live with Deepak Chopra & Rudy Tanzi.

Tawkers allows you to ask questions and submit comments LIVE; the ones that catch his or Dr. Tanzi’s attention have a chance to be “spotlighted” and addressed on the main stage. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to interact directly with Deepak. He’ll be teaching you how to reach far beyond your present limitations through increased self-awareness and conscious intention. So join them LIVE as they discuss how to use the brain as a gateway for achieving health, happiness and spiritual growth.

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  1. Blake Ian

    @Diane - Yup! If you make a comment in the forum and it gets votes Deepak will be able to see it and even drag it over to the the left panel to incorporate it into he and Dr. Tanzi`s convo. Hope to see you in the Tawk!

  2. Diane Schaeffer

    whoa that`s pretty cool! Will Deepak be able to see my questions??

  3. Joel Einhorn

    Awesome! I`ll be there!

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