April 19, 2012

Your Infinite Potential.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

The only belief you need to have is in your infinite potential. All other beliefs are false.

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  1. Eleni

    Dr Deepak, Thank you for the opportunitie has offer for the site I´m have reading the texts and admit: each day I´m learn more.

  2. heartphone

    Dear John, Jesus is in my humble view One of the Masters given to us as a beautiful example of how a human being can grow into his/her own full potential where body mind and spirit are connected as One in a holy Trinity. To tell you the truth am always praying to Jesus to fill me with the peace he radiates from his heart. The holy heart of Christ. I remember the statues from my early youth. Yet the way I have been indoctrinated by catholic church in the past has left too many marks on my soul to ever believe again in one specific (gnostic) truth. In the bible is stated: go and investigate and keep the truth. Jesus has given us an example how to love yourself and your neighbour as yourself. The word Namasté means: I honour the divine in you like I honour it in myself. The Christ consciousness is divine, the Buddha consciousness is divine, the Allah consciousness is divine. So divine consciousness exists in the surrundering to the "no thing ness" that is the fullness of bliss. This is a creative power that gives endless creativity. I am just a simple woman but this realization has been given to me by my soul and it is the result of a life long experience as a woman from Venus to Madonna, to Sophia, to Maria, of which the first two parts have always been denied by the priests of the catholic church. Jesus himself however did not deny this. I could go on and on, but everything i have written is a subjective experience, only true to me. You experience your subjective divine experiences and I honour your view. Live well and prosper in love and light.

  3. Tshepang Koogotsitse

    More often than not we tend 2 foget that profound truth,that we r limitless beings who r powerful beyond measure. Thank u friend, u r God made in the likeness of a human being

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