April 27, 2013

Your Brain Creating the World.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

As a species, we should take time every day to be thankful for this amazing organ buzzing away in our heads. Your brain not only transmits the world to you but essentially creates that world. 

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  1. gypsyjoe

    ..if only the world could see and feel this, but that won`t happen..ever. It comes to unfolding when you become worthy and ready, even if you seek it diligently..one individual at a time; when that time is right, the veils begin to lift and comes the unfolding of Self Realization..the shocking simplicity that has been hidden all our lives..thus, the Zen "Oak tree in the garden."

  2. Radu Mirica

    Amazing! All my life I believed that my stomach does it!= You miss fit this saying! It is almost stupy::

  3. Jose Joaquín Puga Fernández

    Sometimes people rationalist can understand that is beyond of single perception

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