February 25, 2017

Young Wisdom.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Since my grandfather returned to his original home a few years ago, I have gone through a beautiful rebirth. From egoic to high level – I have done a complete 180 and am now happy to say I’m a high-level entity who’s aware of her purpose and fulfilling via love and compassion. The thing is, I am only 14-years-old and the few people I have told about this rebirth are
quite beautifully pessimistic about it. What shall I do, Deepak? Look at them through softer eyes and realize that they’re just not “there” yet in terms of spiritual growth and their journey?  I’d love to hear what you have to say!


First of all, congratulations on your transformation. It doesn’t matter if others are pessimistic about your growth. Self-realization is not only the most intimate of experiences, it is also the only experience that is exclusively self-validating.

 You are certainly quite young, but that doesn’t mean your experience is not genuine. Whatever is real in you will endure regardless of what others think. I don’t suggest you take the attitude that they just aren’t “there” yet. You can’t know where they are. Just because they don’t validate something that is real for you, doesn’t really tell you how evolved there are or aren’t. So treat them with respect and dignity they deserve. See them as neither above you or beneath you, but as unique expressions of the divine spirit, just as you are.



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