January 16, 2013

Young Identities.


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 Hello Deepak! I've read several of your books and follow you on twitter, so I thought I'd come to ask you a question. I'm young, 19 about to be 20. My peers all seem to have a well established "identity". They like art and only art, they like music and only music, so on and so on. I don't feel like I think I should feel. My current live in partner has a passion for music. I've tried my hand at almost everything and I have really enjoyed it, but I never felt like I belonged to any one of these groups. Most of my friends developed their passions in high school and they come from a better financial background then I do. I didn't get the theatre, writing, or even general education that they did. I'm also not a very social person so I didn't get to interact with any social groups that would help me define myself. I know I have talents, lots of them actually. But I have no 100% passion for anything. It's getting to be awkward when people ask me about my life because they all have a perfectly defined answer as to what they want to do. I know this is just a stage in development, but is there any way I can find that "passion"?


You seem to have fallen in with a group of peers with strong artistic sensibilities and personalities. When we think about people who have passion for life, it is usually the artists who come to mind first. They are driven to create and they love certain styles, colors, textures, music, etc. That intensity of energy is exciting and stimulating, but if you are among the other 90 percent plus of the population who isn’t a strong creative type without an obvious passion, then it is easy to assume that you are missing some key ingredient for your life happiness. That isn’t the case. You, like most people, will need to recognize your passion and life purpose in more subtle and less dramatic signs. You already recognize that you have lots of talents. Those talents are the activities that come natural to you, that make you feel good and help others. That is the quiet version of passion. That sense of satisfaction in exercising your talent is the seed of passion, and that feeling tells you when you are following the right direction in your life purpose. Listen and follow that feeling and you will find your way.


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  1. Nativa Arte

    Tiene 19 años ,es normal que tenga inseguridades y no este al 100%..es joven y experimentara muchas cosas hasta definir lo que verdaderamente le llena ..Y los amigos serán más precoces , pero no por eso tendrán continuidad ..Cantidad de personas comienzan con una afición y al final con los años cambian ..En la vida nada esta determinado...

  2. Laura Moreno

    si , eso nos puede suceder !!!, yo creo que es como dejar entrar la luna por la ventana , dejar entrar al amor con mucha fuerza y en silencio!!!

  3. Betty Diaz

    Que hermosa respuesta.

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