August 12, 2022
Ask Deepak

Yoga as business.


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Dear Deepak, How can we balance yoga and business without corrupting the true essence of yoga? I just found out that a new yoga studio near me is charging 60 dollars per person for a yoga class. It is very expensive! Is this yoga or plain business? Shouldn’t yoga develop awareness, unity? It seems that only rich people can afford a yoga class.


True yoga is the spiritual realization of the union of our individual self or atman with the universal existence or Brahman. Yoga asanas are traditionally only intended as preparatory physical support for the inner spiritual transformation.  The development of unity consciousness does not require you to take a class in yoga asanas. If you do want to learn asanas, there are inexpensive alternatives at the YMCA or a community college near you. But if you are serious about actualizing a higher state of consciousness, it will require a deep level of spiritual commitment from your side.



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