January 6, 2022
Ask Deepak

Working On a Relationship.


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I’m at an impasse with a current relationship that has emotionally left me for the time being. How do I put all of myself into working this out without the need to prepare myself for the potential end of the relationship? I send out my desire but I know that sometimes desires won’t be fulfilled. I’m having a hard time with the uncertainty.



It sounds like you kind of hope the relationship will mend itself, but you are emotionally bracing for the likelihood of a painful ending. If you are emotionally constricted and anticipating separation, there is no way for the relationship to regenerate. You need to be vulnerable and generous with your heart to heal a relationship. People mistakenly think that emotionally withdrawing from a partner will protect them from being hurt. In fact, they are already hurt and are simply trying to numb themselves. So they are only holding on to that pain, while pretending it isn’t there and stifling their chance to loving reconnect with their partner in the process. Even though it feels scary the path to love requires you to open your heart and become big enough to embrace all the feelings that come with relationships and integrate them into a loving life.



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