June 14, 2022
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Work Stress.


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Dear Deepak, I have been in a career for the last 13 years whereby every few years I experience work related stress. However if I’m really honest in my heart this work has always been a struggle for me to find joy and purpose. The majority of time I am in a state of unease, anger and anxiety. What is keeping me attached to this career is the regular high salary and security of a paycheck each month, even though the majority of the time I feel miserable when doing this work. Unfortunately, this permeates my personal life as I struggle to switch off from work. What is the solution to setting an intent where I can finally manifest livelihood that is my Dharma? Thank you.


First begin by identifying the talents and skills you do have which do provide you with a sense of joy and purpose. See if there are some areas of your current job that overlap into this list. Then figure out what it is about your job in particular that is causing the stress. It could be something that you could fix, it could also be something you could improve with meditation and stress management techniques. You might also discover that your unhappiness and difficulties do not stem from work as such, but are extensions of the general underlying issues you are going through in life at that time and would likely manifest in any work you might have. When you are struggling with life problems in self-worth, relationships, finances, or health concerns, even a dream job will make you question what you are doing. If you suspect that this might apply to you, then I would take a close look on what those underlying issues are and make that healing and resolution your center of life purpose and meaning. In that scenario, keep your job and focus on the parts of work you enjoy more. The security can be a source of strength and stability in your life as you attend to the other areas of your life.

If, on the other hand, the source of your work anger and anxiety is perfectly tied to a job situation you can’t change or accommodate to, then find your best alternate job that doesn’t have this work problem and take it. If it includes many of the unique skills and talents you listed, so much the better.


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