September 9, 2013

Why Work.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak, Upon realizing that the true Self is the witness to all thought, all desire, all external manifestations, I find my intellect questioning the point to doing anything at all. For example, why is it necessary that I work at a job to earn an income to support my family, when ultimately, none of that matters since the true me is a divine being who will continue to be so even after death. Knowing that we are infinite makes me feel that nothing of this world in day to day life holds any importance at all. Why enjoy a good meal, or spend quality time with loved ones, when those things are of this physical world, which is an illusion and not our true nature. Society in general makes no sense to me after realizing my true Self.


Our highest spiritual purpose or dharma is for self-realization, but we also have other purposes and obligations that are important even if they aren’t the highest spiritual purposes. If we abandon our physical, emotional and social responsibilities, we may well be undermining our ability to fulfill our highest spiritual aspirations as well.


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  1. Bishnu

    Now Science has predicted that with help of Nano Science and Bio technology death can be won over,Man will be immortal disease free, aging will be stopped. Only issue remained will be accident.But that too can be eliminated. Computers will help to see impressions in our psyche which will be big tool for introspection.So what we achieve with help of meditation can be done by Technology. Immortality according to science is going to be achieved by 2045 and for whole civilization it will be available by 2075.

  2. john-david

    Realization is in the moment, the now. Struggling, striving to make a living is in the mind. So you`re a cashier in a bank or a supermarket. Barely making a living. But your Now is in each person you meet, each cash machine key you press. There is realization. Being in love with each action, and so being. All else happens, all else can be watched from a deeper self, and there`s where there is bliss. With Love, John-David the chronic pain detective.

  3. youspaceyoupod

    Assuming you are not depressed nor have thrown the baby and the bathwater out of fear of suffering and are not deluded, and truly have achieved self-realization and not self destruction: are you still alive? ok, then there is a reason why you are STILL on this earth. Whether it is to learn something or to give something. What is happiness? it is definitely not found permanently in attachment to things,people etc.. Self-destruction is not spiritual. Living in balanced middle way is what i`d do. As LONG AS YOU KNOW THAT THIS ILLUSION IS A SH•T HOLE AND NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE, OUR FAMILY WILL DIE, OUR STUFF WILL BE GONE, AND WE WILL GO, then you can have as much $ you want knowing that everything changes. you obviously have a family which you formed because you love them - just be in the now and love them and support them, bc you are self-realized and enlightened! Spirirtual practice≠Aseticism(sp) get in touch with reality. you have deconstructed your surroundings and lifted the veil of most deluded lives ppl live in thinking everything lasts forever. Know not to be neurotic and fearful, and attached, needy to how things are, attachment is multifaceted and the cause of suffering. Let`s interpret life in a way that there is a relative reality in good or bad. Be optimistic. See the good, possibilities and what makes your step spring in this illusive world. As MLK said "now what can i do about it" (ppl doing badness, helping out, being compassionate) Now introspect and find what makes you happy in a real way - dharma - even if it takes time and meditation. How to find happiness where you don`t expect. like problems, like you like ice-cream. life happens. this is how it is. everything is about your interpretation about things- all up to you. nothing has an inherent nature of good or bad- all relative reality and it is up to HOW you interpret things. if angry all world looks angry, if tolerant then can work on mind to seeing the good, and not be junkies about our 5 senses. write a gratitude list starting the shift in paradigm don`t be stuck. Apply courage, patience and confidence. Neuroplasticity. the answer will come...whether you decide to become a monk or embrace what you have. but leave your thinking cap on while remaining spiritual . be peaceful and in touch w the interdependent `reality` taste the chocolate, alcohol or whatever and then put it down - middle way follow your intuitive knowledge and YOU decide. many different bucket loads of information out there. don`t suck in to all info whole. neither extreme. You are your own boss, and you decide in the end. it is your call. Just remember happiness eludes us (as Rumi says) and often we go to extremes. use the self-realization to connect to people and share the message doing compassionate work. sorry, but i don`t sugar coat- i tell it like it is with love but not mushiness Peace

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