April 28, 2022
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Why Work.


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Dear Deepak, Upon realizing that the true Self is the witness to all thought, all desire, all external manifestations, I find my intellect questioning the point to doing anything at all. For example, why is it necessary that I work at a job to earn an income to support my family, when ultimately, none of that matters since the true me is a divine being who will continue to be so even after death. Knowing that we are infinite makes me feel that nothing of this world in day-to-day life holds any importance at all. Why enjoy a good meal, or spend quality time with loved ones, when those things are of this physical world, which is an illusion and not our true nature. Society in general makes no sense to me after realizing my true Self.



Our highest spiritual purpose or dharma is for self-realization, but we also have other life purposes and obligations that are important even if they aren’t the highest spiritual purposes. If we abandon our physical, emotional and social responsibilities, we may well be undermining our ability to fulfill our highest spiritual aspirations as well.



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