October 5, 2021
Ask Deepak

Why to Live Life.


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They all tell you how to live life. Do this…think this…breath deep…let go…and so on. But I can’t understand why live life? For whom? Is this really the world that was designed by God? Where do we humans fit into the jigsaw? We represent all that could be bad in the creation. We never practice what we preach. All through the growing age we are taught moral values and then suddenly we are taught to be ‘practical’ in approach. Why is the truth and right only tested? If this is what the world is…I don’t like it this way. In fact, I feel God has lost control over humans in fact he made a great error by making us. That is why he has to wipe away civilizations once in a while. But then if he is god why let things go out of hand. Do you allow this in your organisation or family? So why does God allow this in the real world? Why allow a person to do wrong and then punish him? I know you will also think I am ranting like a fool and thinking too much. Please for God’s sake answer…I am really confused whether to live in this world or not?


Life is the expression of existence. Existence is its own imperative for living. It is not for anyone’s sake, —it’s not a question of why or for whom. All of creation manifests and transforms as a way to become more self-aware until it becomes fully aware of its universality. We are all part of that cosmic dance toward self-realization or complete awakening and that inner programming is inherent in our core intelligence. Our life and existence are not caused by an external God or any other force. We ourselves are directing our lives. Religions and customs that tell us to do this or that may or may not be helpful for our present situation, but ultimately it is our decision what we do. If you see yourself as a victim of God and society’s rules, you will not be able to learn and grow from your own choices. So it’s not a question of why God lets things get out of hand, it’s a question of why we let things get out of hand.



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