December 15, 2016

When to Stop Trying.


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I have asked this question to my friends and to my partner but I didn’t get a clear answer. When you are in a relationship and you both a trying very hard to make it work. Give it 100%. Around me I see more and more couples break up, they stop trying. What or when is the  time to break up? For me it is unclear, I keep talking and trying to make it work for both of us. We want to have a relationship in which we stimulate the other to explore and grow spiritual and heal. But during this process I feel we are losing each other. Floating apart. I’m on my path and he on his. Sometimes it is so hard to communicate so that we understand what the other really feels or thinks. It is starting to hurt me. And he feels sorry to see me hurt. When is the love gone, is it time to let go? To close a door behind me so that a new door can open?


You stated that your goal is to have a relationship in which you both heal and grow spiritually together. You indicated that right now you are on independent paths. I think you need to re-clarify how your spiritual goals are supposed to be mutually supportive. Ask yourself if in spite of the difficulties and emotional distance you speak of, are you still growing and evolving? Apart from your ego’s perspective and sense of pride, are you still getting the life experience you need out of this relationship? I think it will be more helpful to frame the decision in terms of whether you two can help each other on your spiritual journeys, rather than thinking in terms of good communication or whether the love is there anymore.

The emotional pain you are experiencing makes it easy to think communication is the problem when in fact communication is still taking place, it’s just you don’t like the message that is being communicated. Also, the pain you are going through makes it difficult to determine if there is still love in the relationship or not. The longest and most rewarding of relationships have almost invariably gone through periods that felt exactly like yours. So take a dispassionate look at whether you two are still growing in this relationship and if you still share a common spiritual goal. If so, then the relationship still deserves your efforts. If you honestly determine that it is not helping you grow and you no longer share the same spiritual purpose, then you may need to have a discussion to that effect.



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  1. Lena Brooks

    Looking for his STOP theory

  2. Lena Brooks

    Looking for his STOP theory

  3. Lena Brooks

    Looking for his STOP theory

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