November 13, 2023
Ask Deepak

What makes someone “spiritual”?.


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“In your novel The 13th Disciple, A Spiritual Adventure, there is a character called Galen who is a selected member of the mystery school. 

He’s portrayed as angry, bitter, and cynical yet somehow spiritual enough to be brought into this special teaching. 

Galen’s outer personality reminds me of my older brother, yet he doesn’t seem spiritual to me at all. 

Are you trying to say something about spirituality with his character?”



Galen is one of six somewhat unlikely members of the mystery school in the 13th Disciple. 

I wanted to show that the search for meaning and reality beyond appearances is what makes one spiritual. 

It’s not about speaking in a soft voice and having a cheerful personality. 

Galen’s journey left some emotional wounds giving him a combative and rough exterior. 

This disguises his sincere dedication to the truth. 

But his character and the others in the group are meant to illustrate that we need to see the soul behind the personality to find real spirituality- both in others and in ourselves.



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